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Advanced Foods Class Ready to Open Yearly Restaurant


Advanced Foods Class Ready to Open Yearly Restaurant

Ethan Stetler

Ethan Stetler

Restaurant Preview


For three days out of the semester, Ms. Mosley’s advanced foods class puts on a restaurant for teachers and family members to come and enjoy some delicious food that students make.

It is an event that brings together students to work as a whole restaurant with cashiers, cooks, servers, and dish washers.

Each day the restaurant is open, students who are in this class go down to Mosley’s room for first hour, and are there the whole day working non-stop and constantly preparing for the hectic lunch hour.

The students solely run the restaurant and select which foods they will be serving. Students select a theme for the restaurant, and they even make their own grocery list for Mosley.

Mosley puts the restaurant operations on the kids, which is a genius way to teach kids the responsibility of owning and trying to run a restaurant, and more importantly working together to make it happen.

This year the students were aiming for being more unique than previous years, and trying to take somewhat hipster turn.

The themes vary tremendously throughout the many different restaurants, but the students chose a sophisticated route this year with the theme of “Suit and Ties.”

For the name the class decided to make it unique by choosing the name “27.”

The students chose this name because the number of students who are working on this restaurant is 27, and they are shooting for a name that is similar to new modern restaurants like Bistro 501 in downtown Lafayette.

Open February 23 through February 25, 27 will more than likely be entirely packed with parents, teachers, and students.

Every year these restaurants are a hit and bring in large crowds and are highly anticipated by people who attend.

“There are hits and misses,” said Harrison teacher Ms. Hammons. “Sometimes something is so good that we even request the recipe for it.”

With effort being put in by every “employee,” they magnificently bring together an entire restaurant that parents and teachers look forward to at the beginning of the semester, and absolutely love.