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Advanced Foods Class Restaurant , "27" Comes to an End


Advanced Foods Class Restaurant , "27" Comes to an End

Elias Laborin

The Advanced Foods class wrapped up its yearly restaurant on Friday, bringing an event to conclusion that has historically been a rousing success.

“XXVII,” the name that the students picked for the restaurant to show how many students were enrolled in the class, featured a pecan pesto bow tie pasta with sausage, along with a tomato basil soup with croutons, and for desert, chocolate balsamic strawberry trifles for Friday’s final meal.

Despite the weather rendering the event unavailable to be hosted on Thursday, the originally planned final date, the students were able to come together and cook a fantastic meal for the patrons.

The restaurant, which was promoted as a suit-and-tie restaurant in-school, featured tables that surely stayed with the topic. The vibe, however, was a lot more calm and relaxed, which made for an enjoyable eating experience. Teachers like Ms. Hammons, Ms. Janssen, and Mrs. Doyle, who are regulars at the annual restaurant, contributed to the great environment created.

    A great dining experience, along with burgeoning cooks taught by Ms. Mosley, has and will continue to ensure that at least a semblance of this idea will flourish for a very long time. Anyone with the capacity to attend should come to this highly recommended restaurant and join those who have been coming who don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.