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German exchange student returns for full semester


German exchange student returns for full semester

Maya Vemulapalli

As most of the student body knows, Harrison High School hosts a variety of European exchange students every semester.

This year, German student Jonas Lörsch has returned since his last two-week visit in 2015 to take part in a full semester here at Harrison.

“I will be here for five months, but I miss Germany a bit,” said Lörsch.

His English has improved since spending more time in the United States.

“I noticed that I’m getting better,” Lörsch said. “It’s a goal for me to improve my English.”

Aside from English, Lörsch also speaks French and German.

He participates in recreational soccer, and was even asked by the Harrison soccer coach to join the team during his last visit, in which he took part in one of the soccer practices.

Lörsch says he would have liked to have been on the team, but was unable to due to the season’s end.

Besides just his participation in sports, Lörsch also attended his first NBA basketball game in Indianapolis just recently.

“One of my favorite things that I’ve done so far is on Monday I was at a basketball game,

Cavaliers against Indiana Pacers, and saw my favorite player there,” Lörsch said. “One of the best players of all times, Lebron James -- that was a dream.”

    Besides venturing around Indiana, Lörsch has also been to New York and Boston, and would love to see the White House at some point during his stay with his host family, the Geddes.

    Making sure to always stay in touch with his biological family, Lörsch Facetimes his German relatives every Sunday and is always sure to fill them in on all of his adventures here in West Lafayette.

    One of the first things Lörsch was able to contrast between Harrison and German schools when coming here was the schedules.

    “School is completely different in Germany, we have a lot more breaks, and we also have block schedules,” he says.

    Although Harrison’s cafeteria food hasn’t particularly won over this German, neither has our fast food. Jonas claims that he prefers healthier meals rather than the fast food American is so infamous for.

    Also, Lörsch prefers German modes of transportation, like buses and trains, opposed to the common usage of cars here in the United States.

    Overall, Lörsch is grateful to have gotten the opportunity to visit West Lafayette and, despite a little homesickness, has found a great place for himself here at Harrison.