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Valentine's Day quickly approaching


Valentine's Day quickly approaching

Olivia DeCrane

Everyone has a different opinion of Valentine’s Day. 

Some dread it, while others call it their favorite holiday. 

Valentine’s Day has always been enjoyable for me, even though I’ve been single for each one so 


However, I totally understand the frustration around the holiday. 

The entire winter season is filled with expectations of having a significant other. 

On Thanksgiving, family members ask about boyfriends and girlfriends. 

On Christmas, you go out and buy gifts for your loved ones. 

On New Year’s, you’re expected to kiss someone at midnight. 

And finally on Valentine’s Day, the icing on the cake, couples fill all the restaurants and movie 

theaters, and heart-shaped candy boxes are on display all over grocery stores. 

This push for romance definitely can get annoying. 

In elementary school, Valentine’s Day was fun because you got candy from all your classmates. 

That tradition continued for me at Klondike Middle School when we all sent each other candy 

grams, which you could order for one dollar at lunch. 

Then, at high school, came the harsh reality that Valentine’s Day is for couples. 

You don’t send roses to your friend like you could candy. 

And high school couples are the worst on Valentine’s Day, because they already don’t care 

about how much PDA they show on a normal day. 

On Valentine’s Day they’ll go all out. 

I remember my freshman year – Valentine’s Day was on a weekday. 

This girl screamed when she saw her boyfriend, who was carrying a gigantic stuffed teddy bear. 

Girls and guys carried around bouquets of roses. 

It was impossible to go more than five minutes and forget what day it was. 

Luckily, this year Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday during a three-day break, so Valentine’s Day 

haters may avoid some, or most, of the PDA if they stay inside. 

But when you think about it, why do we even have Valentine’s Day? 

It’s not a very necessary holiday. 

Couples can go out and celebrate their love on any day, but if they want a special day they have 

their anniversaries. 

Chocolate truffles can be bought whenever. 

 All in all, I totally feel for the people that dislike Valentine’s Day. 

They have pretty good reasons as to why they don’t like it. 

But, also, let the couples enjoy their day. 

It’s only one day out of 365.