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AP Art Ready to Present Their Art April 15

Jack Gillespie

With the help of our school’s Arts program, students are able to express themselves and hone their talents as artists at Harrison High School.

These students also get many chances to show their peers and other people invested in the art community their skills. One of these events is the AP Art Presentation.

Students in AP Art classes will present six of their artworks that they’ve created throughout the year in the form of a portfolio that will eventually be submitted for college.

The forms of art featured in the presentation include drawing, painting, ceramics, and photography.


The AP Art Presentation will take place inside the Auditorium on April 15 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The presentation will feature up to 11 different artists, including:


·         Claire Livingston (Photography)

·         Fernanda Guzman (Drawing & Painting)

·         Grace Hitchcock (Drawing & Painting)

·         Rhianna Ladd (Ceramics)

·         Brenden Lane (Drawing & Painting)

·         Rachel King (Drawing & Painting)

·         Jordan Kubisz (Drawing & Painting)

·         Eugenia Hensley (Photography)

·         Mark Glaser (Drawing & Painting)

·         Catharine Voorhees (Photography)

·         Grace Woodard (Drawing & Painting)