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AP Art Successfully Concludes Presentation


AP Art Successfully Concludes Presentation

Jack Gillespie

Last Friday, the AP Art Presentation took place in the auditorium during periods 6-8. In this event, students who have studied various forms of artistic mediums in Harrison High School presented some of the best works they’ve created in the past semester, which will eventually be put into their portfolio for college credit.

Twelve artists presented over 70 works, which include paintings, drawings, photography, and ceramics.

Some of these artists, like Brenden Lane, Catharine Voorhees, and Grace Woodard, even had award-winning pieces from contests such as the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

As they showed their pieces, they made statements based on works and their meanings, what media they used, or any personal connections and experiences they felt with each specific artwork.

These artists presented a continuous theme throughout their works, as well as some variety to keep things diverse within their portfolio.

Throughout the presentation, as each student showcased their themes and how they channeled it into their art, the voices of these young creatives were heard loud and clear through their works.

Whether it be people’s biggest fears, American Wildlife, embracing of oneself, or focusing on the abnormality of the human body, there were a wide variety of themes to be seen at this presentation.


When asked a few questions related to the semester he spent in AP Art and the pieces he presented, artist Brenden Lane had this to say:


Who/What inspires you artistically?


Brenden Lane: The smallest things can give me inspiration. I love to draw animals, so when I look through pictures of animals, I will often come across an animal that gives me inspiration to draw it. Other people’s ideas also inspire me. I often ask others for ideas that they might have for a new art piece.


 Would you consider art as a potential future career?


Brenden Lane: I would consider art as a career to fall back on or as a side job. I love art, but it honestly isn’t something I would want to do every day to make a living.


What is your favorite piece you’ve made this year?


Brenden Lane: My favorite piece that I have drawn this year is a colored pencil drawing of my brother and our puppy. It was my first person I drew with colored pencils, and I was extremely happy with the results.


Do you feel as if you’ve grown closer to you classmates as the year has progressed?


Brenden Lane: My fellow art classmates and I have grown very close this year. We are all one big family. We give each other ideas and critiques, and we can be ourselves around each other.


 Which formats have you taken the most liking to? (paint, charcoal, colored pencils, etc.)


Brenden Lane: I have experimented with several different media such as oil paint, charcoal, and soft pastels, but I truly love drawing with graphite pencils, as well as colored pencils.