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Harrison Boiler Robotics Advances to World Championships


Harrison Boiler Robotics Advances to World Championships

Sam Arvin

The Harrison Boiler Robotics team has reached its end goal: the 2016 FIRST World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri.

Six and a half weeks of staying late and working hard has paid off for the members of the robotics team, and especially the seniors, who haven’t been to the World Championship event since their freshman year in 2013.

Doug Klumpe, who facilitates and runs the Harrison Boiler Robotics team, showed he was confident that his team would compete in the World Championship this year in a previous interview.

He only foreshadowed the inevitable.

On April 27, the team will leave for St. Louis, and prepare for a three-day event where 600 teams from all around the world will compete on eight different fields. 

Not only that, but there will be companies and colleges at the event for high school students to explore their options as they move forward in life.

“There will be many colleges, probably more than a hundred colleges, and there will be probably more than 50 businesses with booths set up,” said Klumpe.

The members of the team appreciate and value Klumpe and what he does.

“He dedicates a lot of time,” said Derek Frohberg, Harrison senior and member of the Harrison Boiler Robotics team. “He’s already there for Academic Super Bowl and volleyball and AAHHAS, and then he goes the extra mile with robotics. He really puts in a lot of time, and really puts in the effort.”

Frohberg has been on the robotics team since he was a freshman.

He went to the World Championships with the team as a freshman as well, but this time he is going in as a senior with much more experience and knowledge at his disposal.

“I’ve got a feeling we’ll at least make it to the elimination rounds,” said Frohberg.

The robotics team gives a hands-on opportunity that classes cannot, allowing students to interact with their robot and learn from their experiences.

“It allows me to go out and develop relationships with people and figure out how to problem solve in such a way to design a robot that is competitive against other kids my age,” said junior Carl 

Landskron. “It’s given me an understanding of not only how STEM and different things work on a community, but how essential it is to teach other people this.”

Equipment and materials required to build a robot are expensive.

The Harrison Boiler Robotics team is holding a fundraising event on April 24 at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Wabash Landing where all proceeds will go to the robotics team.

All members of the team are so clearly passionate for what they do and motivated to accomplish great things.



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