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Musically Talented Raiders Set to Deliver at Live From Graff


Musically Talented Raiders Set to Deliver at Live From Graff

Jack Gillespie

On April 22, 2016, Live from Graff will take place inside the Harrison High School auditorium. At this event, students are able to show off their musical chops in front of their peers, forming their own groups and bands to perform on stage for everyone’s enjoyment. This year, many students who have performed in earlier Graff events are returning, bringing experience to the table.


Live From Graff Coordinator and Spanish teacher Jill Mansilla answered several questions about the event.


Since you’ve had the chance to work with each of the performers for a while, do you have a personal favorite group performing tonight?


Mansilla: No, my favorite is good song choices and people who pick upbeat music, music that people know, music that’s fun and entertaining. Those are my favorites.


So groups that invoke more of a social reaction?


M: Yeah! The ones that people can dance and jump around to versus more slow songs. We have slow songs, but I look forward to groups that I say, “Wow! That was awesome!” Ones that excite you and make you want to have a good time and clap and cheer.


What do you think the best thing that Graff does for the students and the people participating in it?


M: I feel the best thing a about Graff is the fact that we can donate to three charities. We get the Food Finders with the food, we get the Animal Shelter with the glow necklaces and glow sticks, and then the ticket sales. That’s why we do Graff. That’s what it’s all about. Also, I think it’s awesome that the students that usually play in a basement or garage with an amp get the chance to have a stage with fog machines, flashing lights, and 700 people yelling for them. That’s cool for them.


As you have been working with these students, do you feel that there is more talent into this Graff than previous ones?


M: I think this is going to be the best show we’ve had in four or five years. I just feel like when I was picking the groups, I didn’t pick anything slow because I had so much good, upbeat stuff to choose from. So we were able to put together a real good show that’s just going to kick right along.


Live From Graff starts at 7 p.m. tonight with a $7 admission, as well as a can of food. This money and food will be going to charity, so you donate to a worthy cause while getting immersed into the growing musical scene that Harrison High School has to offer.