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Competition Hydrate


Competition Hydrate

Alexis Wood

A Raider cannot lose to a Maverick.

Which is why Harrison students are being encouraged to bring water bottles to school and refill them throughout the day at the water bottle fountains.

Every bottle filled brings Harrison one step closer to beating McCutcheon in the race to become the healthiest school in the district.

In Intro to Fashion, Mrs. Coors explained to her students the need for hydration.

“Teachers and students are the most commonly dehydrated people in the U.S.,” Coors said. “Students just don’t have time to search out water fountains between classes, and teachers don’t either.”

In an attempt to encourage healthier hydration habits, a contest broke out between rival schools Harrison and McCutcheon.

Now, the fountains are being monitored by a “clicker.” Whenever someone fills a bottle using the designated water bottle fountains in the halls, it’s another point towards Harrison.

The fountains look like normal water fountains, except they have an extra spout, similar to one you would use to refill your soda at McDonald's, purposed to make filling your water bottle easier.

These fountains can be found near the choir room and the commons, as well as in the math, English, and world language hallways.

The competition officially began Monday, Sept. 25. The final count ends today, corresponding with the end of Homecoming Week