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Kathleen Loftus Making the Most of Her Senior Year With Honors Classes, Extracurriculars


Kathleen Loftus Making the Most of Her Senior Year With Honors Classes, Extracurriculars

Reese Mason

Passionate, Intelligent and funny: these are the words senior Carolyn O’Neal would use to describe her friend Kathleen Loftus.

The last year of high school is supposed to be difficult, and for senior Kathleen Loftus, this is all too true; she is currently taking four AP classes: BC Calculus, AP English, AP Chemistry and AP Government. But she doesn’t let this stop her from participating in a multitude of extracurricular activities.

In Band, Loftus is a drum major for the marching band and plays in the pit band. Being a drum major, she leads the band in parades and conducts. To become a drum major, she had to apply and audition. Loftus was chosen by the band directors over two other seniors due to her leadership skills, passion for marching band and musical talent.

Loftus also swims on two teams year-round, including the Harrison team and a club team. She most enjoys the 200 yard freestyle and the 100 yard breaststroke.

In addition to being involved in band and swimming, Loftus participates in Quiz Bowl, National Honor Society, and Keyettes, all highly demanding groups.

“I have on average an hour to two hours a day (of homework), it depends on the classes. I without a doubt have math,” said Loftus, referring to BC Calculus.

Most would wonder how she manages “I make sure that everything I do is scheduled, so that I don’t have any conflicts,” Loftus said. “I always have to remind myself to put school first. That’s my first priority over anything else, so if there’s a day when I can’t go to a quiz bowl meeting because I have a test the next day, sometimes I have to do that.”

Loftus had some words of wisdom for newer students, “Keep your priorities straight, realize that it’s okay if it’s really difficult to do everything because it’s worth it in the end to meet a bunch of new people and have some really cool experiences and opportunities,” she advises to underclassmen who desire to be in a position like hers.