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Gamer's Club Hosts 24-Hour Marathon, Brings Enthusiasts Together


Gamer's Club Hosts 24-Hour Marathon, Brings Enthusiasts Together

Alexis Girven

The Harrison Gamer’s Club held a 24-hour gaming marathon this weekend in the cafeteria and room B101BC. The cafeteria was encased with crowds gathered around TVs, consoles, and all sorts of gaming devices brought in by students to either compete or play for the sole purpose of having a good time.

On the other hand, in B101BC, students lurked in the secluded dark with headsets on their craniums as they clicked away on their computers.

This year was an immense occurrence in comparison to last year's turnout, according to many at the event. Sophomore Theya Wells, who brought in her Xbox and TV, felt as if there was more effort put into endorsing announcements regarding the event.

“The increase in advertisement played a factor of how many people showed up,” Wells said. “Last year I found out about it last minute.”

Wells also found the event as a way to learn new tactics and share tips from more experienced comrades.

“I’m newer to gaming,” Wells said. “I learned some helpful techniques today to make it easier and more fun to play some of my favorite games.”   

The event also encouraged many students to join in with their peers and share common interests through their electronic devices.  

Lauren Stanish, a senior and a person in charge of the Gamer’s Club, says that she loved meeting the new people who showed up.

“You get to meet people with different interests,” Stanish said. “You also get to see what games they like and what new games are out there.”

Another student who attended the event, Logan Kincade, agrees.

“I’ve had a truly amazing time so far,” Kincade said. “I did not know so many of my friends loved the same kind of games I play in my free time. I even met some new people who had a lot in common with me.”

The atmosphere was cheerful and laidback, as many described it to be.

“There are so many chill and kind people here,” another student said. “It’s been a fun night so far, and I hope it continues to be.”

Freshman Calvin Girven attended the event with low expectations at first but was baffled by the amount of fun he ended up enduring.

“I didn’t expect my friends to actually be here,” Girven said. “We played Counter Strike together, and it was a lot of fun. I definitely am looking forward to next year.”