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Harrison Senior Thrives in the Spotlight


Harrison Senior Thrives in the Spotlight

Alexa Bogan

From a young age, Aaron Walker was put in the spotlight of acting.

He instantly loved it, taking his first small role in the production of Jesus Christ Superstar as just a young boy. From that point on, Walker found himself falling in love with the roles that he played.

“The idea of having the ability to have complete control over another personality is so invigorating,” said Walker. “You create a personality, and you just sort of get lost in it. You laugh sometimes, you cry sometimes, you’re deliriously happy sometimes.”

As Walker grew, so did his love for acting. He continued to star in his local theatre and musicals.

He said that his favorite part about the arts is finding himself and becoming the person he is today.

“I’d say the main reason I love acting, especially at this age, is that high school to me, has always been about finding identity,” Walker said.

He said that performing has not only helped him, but others, come out of their shell and find something that they truly love.

“Theatre sheds light on the disenfranchised kids, the outcasts, the geeks,” Walker said. “It brings people together in such a way, that you find yourself making lifelong friends in a matter of days. It's the most bizarre, beautiful, absurd experience I'll never forget.”

Being as young as a high school student, Walker has done an admirable 20 productions and will continue to perform in more throughout his career.

“My favorite experience was in seventh grade,” Walker said. “I got cast as Curly in Oklahoma, and I was so excited. It was my first lead role. I got to have a love interest with a pretty girl ‒ everything a seventh-grade boy could want.”

He wants to encourage those who are interested in acting.

“In theatre, you can be as weird or flamboyant as you want, and there's no judgement,” the young performer said. “It's the most accepting environment that exists. There's always going to be a hand on your shoulder keeping you grounded, or asking if you're okay.”

Walker wants to share his adoration for acting with others and wants to inspire everyone to follow their dreams, as he found his through characters and putting on shows for his audiences.

You can see Walker as Christopher in Harrison’s production of Cinderella on March 3-4.