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Rich4Eva Brings Original Rhymes to Harrison


Rich4Eva Brings Original Rhymes to Harrison

Alexa Bogan

AJ Elliot and Jace Brandon have been friends ever since they could remember. From early on in the third grade, to the present day, the two have been practically inseparable. The only thing stronger than their bond is the love for making music that they share.

“It really all started since freshman year,” Elliot, a senior, said. “I was going through some pretty rough, deep stuff at the time. Talking wasn’t really my thing, so I wrote it out instead.”

About a year later, he began to record his own songs over instrumental beats, and the passion grew on from there.

Brandon, a junior, came to Harrison about a year later.

“One day, AJ and I were joking about writing an album,” Brandon said. “And then the joke became a reality after he showed me some of his stuff, and I found ways to improve it. Now it’s our dream to get signed by a company.”

Even after years of hard work and dedication to doing what they love, it hasn’t always been easy an easy ride.

From hearing other’s opinions about their work to getting involved with the wrong crowds, Elliot and Brandon have still managed to keep their eyes on the prize of making it big someday.

“You think you’re ready to hear what people actually think, but you’re not,” Elliot said. “Sometimes the emotions in the songs are so deep, and people criticize it like you didn’t work two weeks to perfect just a couple lines of it.”

“Sometimes when someone looks at us, they get the wrong impression. The stereotype that all we do is party and get messed up ‒ like we aren’t actually real people,” Brandon said.

Although the road does get bumpy from not always agreeing with each other’s viewpoints or listening to what others say, Elliot and Brandon are focused on making their mark in music history.

It is something that the friends are both passionate about, and the love for making songs grows more and more everyday.