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21 Harrison Artists Featured in Local Exhibition


21 Harrison Artists Featured in Local Exhibition

Tim Stephens

Starting March 9, 21 Harrison High School students will be featured in the New Artist High School Juried Exhibition at the Lafayette Art Museum. A few of the students include Fern Guzman, Claire Livingston, Gavin Gordon, and Maya Painter.

Many different categories of art will be featured in the exhibition, including photography, drawings, ceramics, sculptures, and paintings.

For many of the students, this could mean a chance to be noticed for their artistic talent and possibly start a career in what they love to do.

“I have considered art school, but rather I am going to attend Indiana University for journalism where I will be doing both writing and photography,” said Claire Livingston when asked about her future.

For some of the artists in this exhibit, art is just a pastime that they have always loved their whole life.

“I’ve always loved drawing, ever since I was three or four,” Harrison senior Fernanda Guzman said. “I remember drawing tons of pictures for my mom.”

One of the hardest parts of being an artist is hitting a mental wall and trying to break through.

“Whenever I hit a brick wall, I just go take pictures or decide to take self-portraits and whatever comes out of it is usually great,” said Claire Livingston. “That’s actually how my piece for the exhibit was made.”

On opening night, student Evan Phillips won first place for overall art in the exhibition for his piece, Her, with junior Sara Welsh coming in second place for her ceramic piece, and Claire Livingston awarded honorable mention for her piece, Killing Me Softly.

The exhibit will be open from March 9 to April 15.