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Harrison Students Hit the Red Carpet at Prom


Harrison Students Hit the Red Carpet at Prom

Claire Livingston

On April 15, Harrison High School had its “Red Carpet Affair” Senior Prom at the Purdue Union.

Everyone poured into the dance slowly, coming from dinner or pictures.

“Before prom I got pictures with my prom group downtown and went out to eat at Bistro 501 and ice cream at Silver Dipper,” said Lexi DeCamp.

As everyone walked into the dance, there was a table where you could vote for prom king and queen.

The options for prom king were Adam Menard, Tim Krogmeier, Zach Nance, and Brandon Brown, while the options for queen were Eleanor Sammons, Lauren Haywood, Claire Livingston, and Lexi DeCamp.

After writing in a ballot, each couple or group got their picture taken together by Personal Touch, which posted pictures onto its website the next day.

The floor slowly started to fill up with students greeting and complimenting each other.

“Prom is definitely harder for the girl,” said Fransico Munoz, “because they have to find a dress.”

The crowd danced to the music, played by Mr. Radtke, a local DJ and middle school teacher, and a few of his friends.

Classic songs from everyone’s childhood came on, such as “Gold Digger,” “Super Bass,” and, of course, the “Cupid Shuffle.”

About halfway through the dance, the Prom King and Queen were announced, with Zach Nance and Lexi Decamp taking the titles.

“I’m still in shock about it now,” said Lexi DeCamp, “At first, I was really nervous because it was something I had always wanted but being voted prom queen was and still is so special to me, and I felt really honored to be voted by the seniors at Harrison.”

After the court was announced, Adam Menard got back on stage and jumped into the crowd, surfing across.

A few minutes later, Zach Nance was on stage, taking off his tie and joking with the crowd as they cheered him on.

The dance began to dwindle down, everyone heading to either after prom or to go do their own thing with friends or dates.

“The best part of prom was accidently helping a cop pull over some dude in front of us who was driving too slowly,” said junior Tom Appenzeller.

The attendees of the dance had fun and all shared memories they’ll never forget.