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Senior Athlete Salute: Sophie Hein


Senior Athlete Salute: Sophie Hein

Sam Arvin

As a way to honor the senior athletes of Harrison, the Harrison Pulse is doing a segment where we share a Q&A with selected Raider athletes from the class of 2017. Each day we will be releasing another part of this series. Today's senior athlete is Sophie Hein:

What was your favorite class at Harrison?    

My favorite class at Harrison was APUSH

If you could change anything about the last four years, what would it be?

I wouldn't change a thing. I've had an awesome four years.

What would you tell your freshman self now?      

That thing? Go for it.

What is your favorite TV show?      

The Big Bang Theory

What song describes your high school experience?      

Don't Blink by Kenny Chesney

What is your favorite memory from Harrison?      

Rushing the field after winning back the sword this past fall and seeing my best friend with the sword

Who is your favorite teacher and why?     

Mrs. Greeley. I love her teaching style and her personality. We get along really well and she has been so helpful and supportive of me in class as well as in preparation for West Point.

What will you miss about high school?      

The familiarity of knowing most of the people I pass by

What won’t you miss about high school?    

The cafeteria: the food, people who throw carrots, people who randomly scream, people who cut in line, etc.

What do you plan on doing after high school?     

I will attend the United States Military Academy at West Point and study chemistry and then serve in the Army

What is your favorite pre-game song?      

Shouting Grounds by Crowder

What is the most embarrassing moment that happened in a game or practice?      

Tripping over my own shoelaces and doing a full somersault

What is your favorite moment from the last four years playing your sport?    

All the goofy memories I'll keep of my teammates and being a part of the sectional team my freshman year when we won