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Division 1 Soccer Athlete Also a Popular Cake Decorator


Division 1 Soccer Athlete Also a Popular Cake Decorator

Rachael Lehman

Many may know her as the standout soccer player who has signed a national letter-of-intent to continue her soccer career at the University of North Alabama.

But Lexi DeCamp’s talents go beyond the soccer field.

DeCamp uses her artistic and baking talents to run a business called Cakes by Lex in which she decorates cakes, macaroons, meringues, and sugar cookies.

Most people were unaware that she had this ability until she started posting pictures of them on her Instagram and Twitter, showing off her skills.

“I was inspired by my grandma at a very young age,” DeCamp said.

Her grandmother owned her own bakery, where DeCamp spent time and learned the basics of decorating. She has taken it to her own level and has started making her own and selling them wherever she can.

Harrison English teacher Ms. Ann Hammons orders treats from DeCamp.

“Lexi’s products are top quality and personalized,” Hammons said. “The connection between baker and customer ensures great service.”

After noticing DeCamp’s Cakes By Lex Twitter account, Hammons scrolled through the timeline and noticed DeCamp’s talent.

Hammons has ordered several specialty treats, including cupcake-shaped cookies, a baseball/football-themed birthday cake, and a multi-colored, star-tipped cake.

“All beautiful and all delicious,” Hammons said.

There are many different ways to decorate these cakes. She does different designs depending on what people ask for.

She has made a wedding cake for one of her family friends. Also, she has made many birthday cakes for children, since her mom runs a daycare.

Making cakes for her friends that are signing to different colleges for sports has also been a specialty.

There are personal connections when she makes these cakes because she knows the people ordering and can really get an idea of what they want.

Sometimes, she also lets her friends make cakes with her. Teammate Eleanor Sammons has been a common customer and a best friend of DeCamp.

“Most of the time, people come to me with certain ideas and what they want incorporated into the cake so I take all of those ideas and try to put it into one cake,” DeCamp said.

DeCamp makes different kinds of sweets that are all very good. She also makes macaroons for many different occasions, including parties and graduations.

She now sells her products at the West Lafayette Farmer’s Market. Her tops sellers are macaroons and sugar cookies.

Otherwise, DeCamp utilizes her cakes_by_lex Twitter account and Instagram to advertise her products.

“Making cakes is my favorite thing, because decorating them in such a unique way is so fun for me,” DeCamp said.