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Transfer Student Amr Kais Is Given Warm Harrison Welcome


Transfer Student Amr Kais Is Given Warm Harrison Welcome

Alexa Bogan

You always watch those movies about kids who have moved from different states, detailing the experience of being the new kid in school.

Imagine moving from halfway across the world.

Amr Kais lived the part. From Qatar in the Middle East to the small town of Lafayette, Indiana, his journey has been rocky and wild.

“There are a lot of big differences, especially since I was at a British school,” Kais said. “The curriculum and the general way and rules of the school were a lot stricter. For example, we had to wear suits and ties every single day.”

He explained the transfer was difficult, because it was like he was changing worlds, and he had no choice.

Kais did admit that there were a few positives to being in two quite opposite places, however.

“The thing I enjoyed the most is meeting new people and making good friends in each place,” Kais said. “The people were so different, and it was intriguing to watch how their lives were so different in other places on the Earth.”

Returning home after four years was manageable for the student and his family, but sometimes it wasn’t easy.

They came back to the same jobs and schools, but switching lifestyles had an impact.

“Harrison instantly brought me in and allowed me to meet so many cool new people that I instantly felt welcomed and a part of the school,” Kais said, as he explained what the transformation was like.

“The people at Harrison are the greatest part of the school,” Kais said. “They instantly welcomed me into school and into their friend groups, and they make daily life exciting and unpredictable.”