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Senior Salute: Claire Livingston


Senior Salute: Claire Livingston

Sam Arvin

As a way to honor the seniors of Harrison, the Harrison Pulse is doing a segment where we share a Q&A with selected Raiders from the class of 2017. Each day we will be releasing another part of this series. Today's senior is Claire Livingston:

What was your favorite class at Harrison?

AP art definitely, especially last year. Both years I have become so close with the class and we all can just have fun and joke around.

Who was your middle school crush?

Brock Butler

If you could change anything about the last four years, what would it be?

I wish I would have been more outgoing and would have hung out with people more.

What would you tell your freshman self now?

It gets better.

What is your favorite TV show?

This sounds basic, but Friends

What song describes your high school experience?

Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots

Describe your worst date experience.

It was actually my first date which long story short was suppose to be a group of people hanging out but they all bailed. Every time I would look at the guy he would try to kiss me, which I wasn’t really up for. Eventually I gave in but I continued to watch the movie if we kissed because it was more interesting than him.

What is your favorite memory from Harrison?

Last year during AP Art, Catherine was watching something on her computer and had her volume up so loudly she couldn’t hear any of us talking. We had Brendon leave the room while the rest of us told her we were having a lockdown and we had to hide in the art closet. Brendon came in the room, slamming the door and throwing chairs around, making Catherine believing the intruder was in our room. He threw the door open to where we were and she went behind someone and used them as a shield. It was so fun trying to pretend all of it was real and everyone was trying not to laugh the whole time.

Who is your favorite teacher and why?

Mrs. Thomas because she has always been supportive and helpful with my photography, and she’s just a great teacher.

What will you miss about high school?

I’ll miss all my friends and even people I am not really friends with because they have all made me who I am today and it’s sad to think I won’t be seeing this people every day anymore.

What won’t you miss about high school?

Waking up early, never seeing the sun in the winter, and being stuck at a desk when I really just want to walk around.

What do you plan on doing after high school?

I am going to IU to major in journalism and minor in psychology, and I hope to someday have my own magazine or be a photographer for a magazine.