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Senior Avery Weber Turns Jewelry Making Hobby into a Business


Senior Avery Weber Turns Jewelry Making Hobby into a Business

Alexis Girven

For a Harrison student, business is booming.

Senior Avery Weber started her jewelry business only a year ago with the intention of expressing her creativity through her pieces.  

“I have always been interested in art and had a love for creating things,” Weber says. “Jewelry was a hobby of mine that I’d never thought would have lead to a business, but I’m so happy it has.”

A lot goes into her creations, and she loves every element of it, she said.

“There is the marketing portion ‒ creating pieces for specific groups of people,” Weber said. “There is advertising that is done through my website as well as social media. Also I have to price my jewelry at a value that is feasible to the average person.”

But overall, her favorite aspect of her business is creating the jewelry.

Just over the summer, she started selling Unisex Illuminating bracelets, and they soon grew in popularity.

“They became a hit with girls and guys,” Weber said. “I love making them because I always get pictures of couples or best friends wearing them, and it makes everything I do worth it.”

Her business is doing so well that the customers are even reviewing her product and giving it excellent ratings. Her Facebook page consists of nothing but positive remarks regarding customer service, quality, and the uniqueness of her items.   

“I love this jewelry,” said Sarah Fine. “Avery creates unique items, and she was willing to customize.”

All in all, Weber hopes to continue sharing her art in which she has portrayed beautifully through the creation of jewelry.