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More than 100 Harrison Students Participate in Early Voting


More than 100 Harrison Students Participate in Early Voting

Lucas Richter

In a world where there are a variety of outcomes that could occur at the end of each election, whether it be presidential or midterm elections, it is nice to know one thing is for certain. Numerous seniors at Harrison high school will be a part of the well-educated voter population in the upcoming general election.

One week ago, more than one hundred students cast their ballots for numerous candidates, for a variety of offices including the Senate, the House of Representatives, and a variety of other local government positions in hopes of getting their candidate of choice to the general election.

However, the political process was not only beneficial to the candidates, but also the students who voted for them. There are many of seniors at Harrison that have become educated voters by acquiring their own political beliefs through research, debates, or even personal experience.

“Before I voted, I made sure to research each candidate’s previous policies as well as the policies they would enact if they were elected,” said Harrison Senior, Jacob Schwartz, “My class and I were able to discuss some of the topics of this election in my Foreign and Domestic Policy classes.”

Even though there were still students who were unfamiliar with the voting process, they were able to overcome this situation with the help from the faculty at Harrison over the course of the past few weeks.

“I believe that it is important for citizens to inform themselves of each candidate, as well as the issues themselves, in order to jump start their learning,” said poll booth operator and 2013 Harrison graduate, Alexander Mullenix.

Teachers provided information on the political race by giving out lists of candidates for each office, as well as providing websites in which there students could research the candidates and what they stand for politically in hopes of creating as large of a high school voting population as possible.

“My students were able to familiarize themselves with the different candidates and their policies which makes the high school voters more confident in who they elect,” said Harrison AP Government teacher Kyle Marlatt.

Every voter plays a significant role in the primary elections, so it is nice to know that the students of Harrison are willing to make their voices heard at every stage of the political process.